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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Chicago Bears Get Defensive Help With Michael Brockers

The Chicago Bears, for much of the 2012 NFL Mock Draft season, were wedded to Michael Floyd. That never quite worked out—Floyd moved up too far, and after signing Brandon Marshall the Bears didn't seem quite motivated enough to get inserted into any wild mock draft trades to keep him. Since then it's been defense, defense, defense—and no defensive star has been connected more often than LSU DT Michael Brockers.

Michael Brockers is a bit of a risk—he's really got one year to his name suggesting he'll be a future defensive difference-maker—but with the Bears' vaunted defense falling back to the pack in 2011 and its stars aging—Julius Peppers is 32, Brian Urlacher 34—he has a chance to be part of an inevitable renaissance.

This hasn't been their 2012 NFL Mock Draft pick forever, but it has been their reputation forever—and that's worth taking into account when it comes time to replace a fast-mover like Michael Floyd.

SB Nation St. Louis's 2012 NFL Mock Draft is moving from No. 1 to 32 in the days leading up the real draft. You can follow along at our draft storystream, or read more mock draft recaps in our mock draft analysis storystream.

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