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NFL Draft 2012: Predictions For Justin Blackmon And The Other Wide Receivers

As a St. Louis Rams fan I've taken a special interest in the 2012 NFL Draft's crop of wide receivers—starting with Justin Blackmon, and moving on through Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, and all the sleepers the Rams will probably be looking at after they break my heart in the first round. With that in mind, some NFL Draft predictions on where each wide receiver will go, and why:

1. Justin Blackmon: This might just be my own hope speaking, but I can't see the St. Louis Rams passing up a potential No. 1 receiver at sixth overall. If he does drop, it seems unlikely that it will be out of the Top 10, no matter how bad his press was early in April.

2. Michael Floyd: Floyd's moved up enough that his early mock draft perch—with the Chicago Bears at No. 19—seems highly unlikely, but the draftniks never quite solidified his status as the athletic, high-upside alternative to Blackmon. The Miami Dolphins, at No. 8, could certainly do worse—and if they draft Ryan Tannehill they probably will—but his natural state seems somewhere in the mid-teens.

3. Kendall Wright: Aaron Hooks, our NFL columnist, thinks Kendall Wright is a bust waiting to happen, but he's been floating near the edge of the first-round picture for a few weeks now. We have him going to the Cleveland Browns at No. 22, where he serves as the second piece of Colt McCoy's Do Well Now Or You're A Backup Forever gift package.