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2012 NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams' Brockers Pick Already Unpopular With Draft Pundits

So: People are already issuing 2012 NFL Draft grades. And the St. Louis Rams are already bedeviling NFL Draft pundits—here's WalterFootball giving them a C and suggesting that they've "[picked] a raw prospect and [screwed] over [their] franchise quarterback in the span of an hour" by failing to draft either available offensive lineman—David DeCastro and Riley Reiff were both available—or stay within range of Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd, who each went a pick too soon for the Rams to draft a wide receiver.


Of course this is a two-pick pick, after the draft-day trade with the Dallas Cowboys... which is why they're not grading it a D.


Brockers was an odd selection, but not an extremely odd one; the team's main priority has to be keeping Sam Bradford upright long enough for him to develop into a franchise quarterback or scuffle on his own terms, but their run defense was terrible enough that this shouldn't come as a complete shock.


Really, though, this all depends on the Rams' second-round action—not to mention the two first-rounders they'll have in the future for trading out of the No. 2 spot in the first place.