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NFL Draft 2012: Janoris Jenkins Is St. Louis Rams' Second 2nd Rounder

The St. Louis Rams proved once and for all that Steve Spagnuolo's four pillars were dismantled at the 2012 NFL Draft Friday, selecting cornerback Janoris Jenkins from North Alabama with the second of their three second-round picks. Jenkins has done nothing but worry NFL teams with his character problems since arriving on the college football scene, getting arrested and tased in a barfight; arrested for drugs multiple times; and generally doing all the things you'd get mad at a regular human being for doing.


Of course, that means that if the Rams can keep Jenkins from fighting barflies and keeping his marijuana where the police can find it they might have gotten a Top 10 pick here in the Top 40. But I'm not sure this was a risk worth taking with Cortland Finnegan already locked up to a major long-term contract; why devote so much in the way of resources to two cornerbacks?


I'd have liked to see an offensive lineman here—I'll miss you, Jonathan Martin—but there is a high reward to go with the obviously high risk of taking Janoris Jenkins. Click here for SB Nation's scouting report.