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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Janoris Jenkins Pick Earns St. Louis Rams High Marks

The St. Louis Rams were unpopular for picking Michael Brockers when 2012 NFL Draft grades were rushed out after the first round, but their early returns in the second round have earned them considerably more plaudits. WalterFootball in particular loved the Janoris Jenkins pick, giving it an A- and suggesting the Rams' variety of second-round picks and Cortland Finnegan's presence at cornerback left them uniquely suited to take the risk.

Brian Quick got a gentleman's B—he's not quite as exciting as Stephen Hill, or as well-known as Rueben Randle, but he's a wide receiver and Sam Bradford will probably be excited. Meanwhile, Isaiah Pead, the Rams' biggest reach of the draft, earned a C+, leaving them to wonder why the Rams chose him over Lamar Miller and LaMichael James.

It's been a mostly unexpected second round—Brian Quick only hit the draft-watchers' Rams radar Friday morning—but the Rams got most of what they wanted out of it, improving on defense and snagging a wide receiver. I give it a passing grade. But now who's going to block for Bradford?