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St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: Chris Givens Mentions Greatest Show On Turf, Rams Fans Swoon

Chris Givens, who earned the second pick the St. Louis Rams spent on wide receivers in the 2012 NFL Draft, just became first in the hearts of Rams fans everywhere. Sorry, Brian Quick—he mentioned the Greatest Show on Turf, and that's all it takes. The speedy Givens said, in particular, that he and Quick want to "try to get 'The Greatest Show on Turf' back going again." Which works for me.

Unfortunately for Givens, Quick, and your correspondent, I'm not sure Jeff Fisher has any such desire—and since they spent two of their first three draft picks on high-profile defensive specialists, I'm willing to infer that their plans are more related to making games as ugly as possible, with the hope that the Rams come out on top at the end of them.

Well—it's up to Sam Bradford and his two new receivers to change the game plan by sheer competence. Good luck with that.

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