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NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams Earn Points For Janoris Jenkins Gamble

The St. Louis Rams' 2012 NFL Draft grades have been mixed, for the most part, but Don Banks of, at least, is giving them some extra credit for taking a risk with one of their three Round 2 picks: Janoris Jackson's character problems are well documented, but if he's really a Top 10 kind of talent—and with the Rams as bankrupt in the secondary as they are, outside of Cortland Finnegan—it's a chance for Les Snead and the new Rams braintrust to make a big mark on the team immediately.

In Jenkins's own words, he "never shot up a strip club," but the comparisons to Pacman Jones and Jeff Fisher's embattled tenure in Tennessee are inevitable. In the end I like Banks's suggestion that the Rams have, at least at the moment, managed to get both quantity and quality in the 2012 NFL Draft, thanks to their judicious trading and, well, their ineptitude in 2011.

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