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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Minnesota Vikings Get Matt Kalil-Shaped Consolation Prize

The Minnesota Vikings are, at least theoretically, the first wild card of any 2012 NFL Mock Draft. The Indianapolis Colts are pretty much set on Andrew Luck, and the Washington Redskins would be foolish to trade all their picks for anybody but Robert Griffin III. And the Vikings are duly making noises about other players—Morris Claiborne, Justin Blackmon, any of the players who are in that nebulous second tier. But let's be serious: They have to take Matt Kalil, don't they?

They're all in on Christian Ponder, and Matt Kalil is the best offensive line prospect in years. Shouldn't that be enough? The St. Louis Rams were going to take him at No. 2, but when the Robert Griffin III trade happened the Vikings were spared the awkward conversation they were about to have with Ponder. Unless some rock-solid rumors come out in the days leading up to the draft, or there's a gas leak in the war room, this'll be Kalil.

SB Nation St. Louis's 2012 NFL Mock Draft is moving from No. 1 to 32 in the days leading up the 2012 NFL Actual Draft. You can follow along at our draft storystream, or read more mock draft recaps in our mock draft analysis storystream.

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SB Nation St. Louis 2012 NFL Mock Draft
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