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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Michael Floyd's Position A Precarious One

The most readily apparent thing to a St. Louis Rams fan looking at SB Nation's latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft is that Matt Kalil falls to them at No. 6, thanks to the Minnesota Vikings' oft-reported interest in Morris Claiborne and some other smokescreen types. But just past that is another interesting draft question: Just how much power the Rams' actions have over the rest of the first round. In general, when they've selected Justin Blackmon in a mock draft, Michael Floyd goes early; when they don't, and he falls at least to the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 7, the former Notre Dame wide receiver could go all the way to the Chicago Bears at No. 19.

Such is the power of the Rams, who are the first team in the draft order to really, really need a wide receiver as soon as possible. Bears fans tired of watching Jay Cutler flounder and unwilling to settle for just Brandon Marshall should consider starting the chain-reaction by planting awful rumors about Matt Kalil in the Minnesota press.

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