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NFL Mock Draft 2012: David DeCastro Leads Rams' Non-Kalil O-Line Options

We haven't talked a lot, in our suffocating 2012 NFL Mock Draft coverage, about the St. Louis Rams trading down again, but the possibility definitely exists, especially if Justin Blackmon moves too far over or under their target range. At that point, the Rams' needs could shift toward the offensive line, which they seemingly abandoned when they traded out of a likely Matt Kalil selection at No. 2. In the hopper should the Rams trade down a few picks is Stanford guard David DeCastro, who goes to the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 11 in the latest mock.

The Rams certainly have flashier needs, and after Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold it's easy to suffer from o-line fatigue. But keeping Sam Bradford on his feet is certainly one of the Rams' primary needs, and if wide receivers prove somehow untenable on draft day it will be worth keeping one eye on DeCastro.

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