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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck-Robert Griffin III Rumors Still Flying, Somehow

It's the 2012 NFL Draft side-story that refuses to die: People continue to suggest that the possibility exists the Indianapolis Colts, who dumped Peyton Manning to draft Andrew Luck, will instead take Robert Griffin III, for whom the Washington Redskins recently traded all their draft picks. I'm sure the Redskins wouldn't be too disappointed to end up with Luck, but the whole thing suggests a more nebulous process than I'm sure either front office is engaged in. They don't just want a superstar prospect quarterback—they want their superstar prospect quarterback.

Look: It could certainly happen. Stranger things have—like when some football analysts wanted the St. Louis Rams to take Jimmy Clausen instead of Sam Bradford. But it probably won't.

More duly skeptical NFL Draft analysis from SB Nation St. Louis: