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Nike NFL Uniforms: The Seattle Seahawks' New Duds, From A Rams' Fan's Perspective

Given how boring their own new look is, this might be the most important part of the Nike NFL uniforms announcement for St. Louis Rams fans: The Seattle Seahawks' new jerseys are here, and they're... well, they're actually pretty cool-looking; I'm not going to lie about something as important as a new set of football uniforms.

Stupid, sexy Seahawks uniforms. Reasonable people will disagree about the neon green accent color, but these are nice and striking compared to Seattle's ocean-floor color scheme in recent years. So this is it, Rams fans: This is the jersey you're going to have to scorn for the next several years, the object of all your NFC West angst. I'm sure we'll manage to figure something out, even if they are cooler looking than the Rams' bland duds.

Here's one angle to take: I bet these look really terrible in their cheaper replica form.

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