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NFL Mock Draft 2013 Tells Us How Drafts Failed In 2012

There's something fundamentally ridiculous about the idea of a 2013 NFL Mock Draft a full calendar year before the actual draft, but now that I know they exist I feel compelled to see what they say about the St. Louis Rams, every so often. This one, in an oddly concise way, says a lot about the weaknesses of the Rams' 2012 draft. Namely: They're selecting an offensive lineman, and they're doing it fourth overall.

The Rams addressed their porous defense in a big way, and they addressed their wide receiver problem—though maybe not as definitively as we'd have liked—but the offensive line problem lives to terrorize Sam Bradford another day. I don't think this is much of a limb to go out on: If Bradford's sacked three-and-a-half times a start again next season, the Rams are going to be drafting in the Top 10 again, and it won't be pleasant.

Heck, at that rate, they might have to trade that offensive lineman in for a quarterback.

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