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NFL Draft 2012: Morris Claiborne Scores 4 On Wonderlic Test, NFL Yawns

Brian Floyd has a good point: For all the trouble teams go to, ahead of the NFL Draft, to leak Wonderlic test scores in an attempt to besmirch players in which they are themselves interested, they seem surprisingly neutral about the negative scores themselves. (The thought process must be that everyone else is going to be super-worried about it. I guess.)

The end result of this latest leak will be... well, more people talking about Morris Claiborne for no readily apparent reason, and his eventual selection in the 2012 NFL Draft approximately where he was going to be selected before—anywhere between No. 3 and No. 7. And another long, eventually unsatisfactory chat about the Wonderlic test—its appropriateness, its successes and failures, Ryan Fitzpatrick's score, etc.

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