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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Could Trent Richardson Take Carries From LeGarrette Blount?

The new 2012 NFL Mock Draft over at DraftCountdown has a pick I haven't seen much to date in its Top 10: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the usual Cleveland Browns move, selecting Trent Richardson with their No. 5 choice—and, while they're at it, probably scaring anybody who was thinking about drafting LeGarrette Blount in the upcoming fantasy football season.

Blount was outstanding as an undrafted rookie, but problems with injury and keeping his hands on the ball have left the Buccaneers less certain than most teams would be about most 26-year-olds who've averaged 4.6 yards per carry over their first two seasons.

There's certainly room for both players in the Bucs' system; Blount is useless in the receiving game, so Richardson could begin his career in that role before taking over full-time later on. Of course, Blount has already voiced his displeasure at the idea of the whole thing, so who knows just how it would go down in the locker room. Besides, "Probably badly."

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