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Gregg Williams Pregame Speech: Audio Proof That Bounty Program Existed, Williams Is Unpleasant

Disgraced defensive coordinator (and bounty program architect) Gregg Williams and the St. Louis Rams turn out to have been a perfect match, in hindsight: Neither entity can get out of its own way. Just as the bounty scandal neared the end of the news cycle audio of Williams's pregame speech to the New Orleans Saints was leaked in which he repeatedly says, "Kill the head and the body will die" about the San Francisco 49ers—and then, proving a... malleable grasp of metaphor, proceeds to suggest more directly that they've "got to do everything in the world to make sure [they] kill Frank Gore's head."

Oh yeah—then he suggests the Saints hit Alex Smith under the chin and rubs his fingers together, confirming with a documentarian present that the program exists. I'll say this for Williams: He doesn't appear to have been ashamed of it, until it ruined his career. The more that comes out about Williams, the happier I am that he'll be spending the next few years coaching an electric football table.

Work-unsafe audio after the jump. It'll kill your head.