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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Will Blaine Gabbert Force The Jaguars' Hand?

Things keep almost working out for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the average 2012 NFL Mock Draft. The Jaguars will do anything to make Blaine Gabbert, their 2011 pick, look competent as soon as possible. The best option would be top wide receiver Justin Blackmon. The St. Louis Rams, one of the only teams more determined to protect their young quarterback with offensive options, traded down—but they traded down right in front of the Jaguars. Welp.

Could the Jaguars' need for a Gabbert renaissance lead to Michael Floyd exiting the draft board early? It's a real possibility—but it seems more likely that the Jaguars, who watched Gabbert get sacked 40 times in just 14 starts last year, reach for an offensive lineman.

The other option, which terrifies this Rams fan, is that the Jaguars say enough's enough and trade up to ensure they get Blackmon on draft day, leaving Sam Bradford and the Rams stuck in the Danny Amendola era.

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