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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Jacksonville Jaguars Should Protect Blaine Gabbert With Riley Reiff

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked Blaine Gabbert last season, and any 2012 NFL Mock Draft begins and ends its deliberation of the squad with that fact. Unfortunately for them, the St. Louis Rams have Justin Blackmon. Some select Michael Floyd, assuming the Jaguars will make the same mistake twice in a row and overdraft the second-best player at the position they want; that makes a lot of sense, but I've decided to go slightly iconoclastic and select Riley Reiff for them at No 7 overall.

Reiff might be a slight reach here, but most mocks have him going around the Top 10, and Gabbert was sacked 40 times in his 14 starts last season. However satisfied they were with Gabbert's performance, the current administration is stuck with him, and they're not in a position to Jimmy Clausen him. It's not as flashy as Floyd, but it could work. Reiff will keep him on his feet; Gabbert will have to do the rest himself.

SB Nation St. Louis's 2012 NFL Mock Draft will move from No. 1 to pick 32 in the days leading up the real draft. You can follow along here, or read more mock draft recaps in our mock draft analysis storystream.

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