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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Advised To Trade Down, Confuse Rams

I'm always interested in local 2012 NFL Mock Drafts, and FOX Tampa Bay has a novel suggestion for its Buccaneers: Trade down. You might be aware of the immediate repercussions of this action: The St. Louis Rams would have their draft plan thrown into serious confusion by a team that is interested in Trent Richardson as a best-case scenario and Justin Blackmon as a worst.

The FOX guys go on to suggest the Buccaneers would go for the middle linebacker they need in the 12-15 range, which works for me if it's, say, the Seattle Seahawks, who have a ton of defensive needs, and less fine if it's the Arizona Cardinals, who are in a position to upgrade Kevin Kolb's receiving corps.

More NFL Mock Draft coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, whose obsession with Justin Blackmon is totally legal: