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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill, Trent Richardson Could All Go Ahead Of St. Louis Rams' Pick

A 2012 NFL Mock Draft article of faith: the Cleveland Browns are interested in two players the St. Louis Rams don't and probably shouldn't, respectively, have any interest in drafting. Ryan Tannehill and Trent Richardson could both go ahead of the Rams' No. 6 pick, but it's especially unlikely that both of them escape the Browns at No. 4. This is only good news for the Rams—if the Browns stay out of the Justin Blackmon sweepstakes Sam Bradford is that much more likely to find his downfield soulmate.

Tannehill, for my money, seems among the players most likely in this draft class to slide way down the first round. What's caused his current position is entirely external—teams' apparent need for quarterbacks, their regret at losing out on the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes, et cetera. His own skills had barely gotten him into the first round before this run, and it's likely they'll push him further down if the Browns and the Miami Dolphins come to their senses.

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