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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Sam Bradford's Needs Dominate St. Louis Rams' Picks

The St. Louis Rams are a cheap date in most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft gigs: Select Justin Blackmon, move on with your life. That's true in particular, but it's also true in general—whatever the Rams do with their 2012 draft picks, it's going to have to be dominated by what Sam Bradford needs to succeed in the NFL.

They've simply invested too much in Bradford—financially and in terms of personnel—to behave otherwise. So whether it's Blackmon, or an offensive lineman, or even (the fundamentally misguided decision to select) Trent Richardson, the moves they make with their newfound draft picks are going to center around making their 2010 No. 1 pick better.

Blackmon probably has the best chance of doing that right now—here's some additional mock draft analysis about how likely it is he'll get the chance: