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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Leapfrogs Justin Blackmon To St. Louis In One Mock

Now, I think, I've seen every possible permutation of the St. Louis Rams' No. 6 pick in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Gil Brandt of thinks Michael Floyd, who's fallen as far as No. 19 in a lot of mocks, could leapfrog Justin Blackmon and go as early as that very No. 6 pick. Floyd as "the next Larry Fitzgerald" is a lot to take in, but I suppose I'm willing to believe that he has a higher potential upside than Blackmon; the two were relatively similar as draft prospects last year, before Floyd's DUI sent him hurtling toward the supplemental draft.

For all that, I still expect the Rams to take Justin Blackmon if they get the chance. This isn't a team that can afford to take a risk on the next Larry Fitzgerald if he might turn into the old Michael Floyd; they have too much invested in Sam Bradford, and too little gained in free agency, to take such a big risk with a player who will need to be his No. 1 option immediately.

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