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NFL Rumors: Jerricho Cotchery Yet Another Slot Option For St. Louis Rams

The NFL rumor mill continues to churn as the St. Louis Rams lurch toward training camp.

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Hey, I don't suppose you were trawling the NFL rumor mill in the hopes that the St. Louis Rams would chase down another low-upside high-risk slot receiver, were you? Just in case, we have word that the Rams are interested in Jerricho Cotchery, late of the Rams' new offensive coordinator's old offense. Cotchery, 30, had four solid years for the New York Jets between 2006-2009 before falling off the map in 2010 and 2011. He's healthier than Steve Smith, the last ex-slot-star the Rams signed, but not as healthy as Danny Amendola, the one they already have.

Cotchery's a perfectly reasonable pick-up, and after last year's Mike Sims-Walker fiasco it makes sense to go to camp with at least two veteran reclamation projects. But this probably isn't what Rams fans had in mind after a year of watching Brandon Gibson and a parade of warmish bodies catch Sam Bradford's passes.

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