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2013 NFL Mock Draft: A Detailed Look At The St. Louis Rams' Future

It's already 2013 NFL Mock Draft season, somehow, and I don't want SB Nation St. Louis to seem out of touch. With that in mind, I've prepared this mock draft template, which you can fill with names as we get closer to the St. Louis Rams' time on the clock. Without further ado:

No. 1 pick: A defensive player we're disappointed about. Jeff Fisher loves defense and has always been kind of pissed off his team has to play offense, so despite Sam Bradford drowning in defensive tackles and Danario Alexander leading the team in receiving touchdowns after appearing in four games the Rams take another defensive star. Post-draft, Fisher expresses his belief that the Rams really can win games zero to -3.

No. 2 pick: An offensive lineman who's okay, I guess. Next the Rams use their second round pick to take an offensive lineman who's one of the ones you heard about, sometimes, but not one of the big ones. Sam Bradford kind of sighs and goes, "Okay, just, whatever."

No. 3 pick: A running back, and Steven Jackson's going to freak out.

No. 4-7: Some guys you haven't heard of. One of them is supposedly high-upside; another has character issues; another is from a college in Missouri you didn't know existed.

Some actual 2013 NFL Mock Draft prognostication from SB Nation St. Louis: