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St. Louis Rams Rumors: Isaiah Pead Could Be Steven Jackson's Heir Apparent

The St. Louis Rams surprised football when they selected Isaiah Pead with the last of their three second-round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, but now it looks like they could see him as more than just a change of pace back. After months of Rams rumors about Trent Richardson, it looks like Pead—an unconventional, third-down type from Cincinnati—could be the St. Louis Rams' running back of the future.

If Pead excels as a rookie, the Rams could have the best of all possible running back succession plans locked up. Steven Jackson, who is famously cranky when forced to share time, can take the 17 carries per game he was strong in last season while Pead catches passes and soaks up Cadillac Williams's playing time; meanwhile, the Rams can work him into more and more situations until he's able to split time with Jackson on a more even basis.

He might not be their third Hall of Famer in a row, but it looks like the Rams are willing to give Pead a shot at joining a line that began with Marshall Faulk back in 1999.

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