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St. Louis Rams Draft Grades: Michael Brockers Divides NFL Draft Experts

The St. Louis Rams's NFL Draft grades for 2012 have, so far, been mostly positive, but there's a lot of variance in how experts see their No. 1 overall pick, Michael Brockers. ESPN's Todd McShay focused on Janoris Jenkins when he reviewed their draft; SB Nation Studios didn't like the Rams' constant trading down, which led to Brockers, and Mel Kiper's response could best be described as ambivalent.

But: Sports Illustrated appeared to be a fan, and SB Nation proper gave the Rams an A, suggesting that the Michael Brockers pick completes a defensive line that was already looking strong. As a Rams fan, I have to say it is kind of nice to look at a unit besides "starting running back" and think, "Well, that looks about right for 10 or 11 wins." It's been a while since I've had the chance, and Brockers, with Robert Quinn and Chris Long, makes me think I'll feel that way for a while yet.

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