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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Quarterback Controversies Are Complicated On Draft Day

Going into the inexplicably early 2013 NFL Mock Draft season, the St. Louis Rams have a lot of holes to fill, but they also have a major advantage: They already have a quarterback they're comfortable with. I'm increasingly convinced that needing a quarterback is the biggest hindrance to flexibility a team can deal with going into the NFL Draft.

There are two related, simple problems to deal with, both coming back to one inescapable fact: they're just really, really, really valuable. Quarterbacks are incredibly important, and if a good one is available you can't not draft him. More dangerously still: If a kind of good one is available, teams find it weirdly difficult not to draft them.

The clearest example in last year's draft was the Miami Dolphins' decision to draft Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill wasn't a great quarterback prospect, he just happened to be the third best available after a historic Top 2, which sent his stock higher in a tech-bubble kind of way.

So that's what the Rams have going for them, in addition to all those draft picks from the Washington Redskins' own experience of the quarterback bubble: More slack on Sam Bradford.