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NFL Rumors 2012: St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers Should See Major Shakeup

The St. Louis Rams' wide receivers could have easily been mistaken, at times, for the St. Louis Rams' run-out-there-and-do-nothing guys, were it not for the media guide, so it shouldn't take an inveterate NFL rumor mill watcher to imagine that a major shakeup might be in order. Nevertheless: With the 2012 draft in the books, the Rams now have the personnel to make that shakeup, at least halfway.

Out: In this order, Danario Alexander, Austin Pettis, and Brandon Gibson are all potentially in trouble. Alexander's the best of the three of them, but he's been injured so frequently that the Rams might find it difficult to count on him again in 2012. Pettis is part of their big wide receiver shakeup from last year, but his rookie season was far from confidence-inducing, and he fell behind fellow rookie Greg Salas on the depth chart before Salas's injury. Brandon Gibson--well, he's Brandon Gibson. Unlike many Rams wide receivers, he won't embarrass the team, but the Rams are, for once, trying to avoid peaking at not-embarrassing.

In: Steve Smith seems like an out-of-town version of Danario Alexander, but the Rams are keen on him for whatever reason. Brian Quick is the future-No.-1 out of this group, but he's The Raw One, too, so Chris Givens will have to pick up some additional flack.