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NFL Mock Draft 2013: What Will St. Louis Rams Do With Two 1st Rounders?

The St. Louis Rams' 2013 NFL Mock Draft position would be hard enough to predict in a normal year, but the Rams' 2012 draft did not produce a normal year: Les Snead managed to hook the Washington Redskins for three first-rounders and a second-rounder in exchange for the chance to select Robert Griffin III, and those last two first-rounders will come in 2013 and 2014. If Robert Griffin III and Jeff Fisher both have a less-than-stellar debut in 2012, the Rams could have two Top 10 picks.

So what will they do?

It's easy to say offensive tackle and wide receiver, and I'm certainly hoping about it from here in May. But if the Rams find themselves in a position to make two early picks and the talent isn't there at those positions, they shouldn't be afraid to go elsewhere—if they're making a Top 10 draft pick, drafting "for need" is an absurdity.

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