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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Is Matt Barkley In Andrew Luck's League?

An easy answer to the question, sure to be debated for the rest of the year in 2013 NFL Mock Draft discussions, of whether Matt Barkley is as good as Andrew Luck: If Matt Barkley is as good as Andrew Luck, then Andrew Luck isn't as good as Andrew Luck. It is, after all, a little strange to imagine that last year's NFL Draft class might have had not one, not two, but three epochal, world-changing franchise quarterbacks if he'd gone back to school.

Most people seem to feel the same way—at least for now, with a full year of college football still to come and Luck and Robert Griffin III's rookie seasons still to come, but if you're looking for some examinations of the topic, here they are: In the National Football Post, after Stanford's narrow October win over USC, Wes Bunting noted Luck's physical superiority while lauding Barkley's NFL-readiness. Soon after, there was also Washington coach Steve Sarkisian's infamous pregame comments about Barkley, whom he suggested he would take ahead of Luck were he an NFL coach.

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