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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Your Worst Fears About Your Team Confirmed In Latest Mocks

There's a lot standing between us and next April—an entire NFL season and an entire college football season, however, are the main ones that make it difficult for anyone without Biff's sports record book from Back to the Future Part 2 to make an accurate 2013 NFL Mock Draft. What these things really do is confirm our worse fears about our favorite teams. Are you worried about the St. Louis Rams' wide receivers and offensive tackles? Guess what: Mocking the Draft has them taking two offensive linemen and a wide receiver in the first 36 picks next year, starting with No. 4 overall.

Their names—they're Tyler Lewan, Marquess Wilson, and top senior OT prospect Ricky Wagner—don't really matter. What's important is that the Rams needed wide receivers and offensive tackles, and they didn't address those needs with their first round pick in 2012, so less than a month afterward they're still on the minds of the draft-minded.

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