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NFL Mock Draft 2013: St. Louis Rams Have Less Obvious Needs, Too

The St. Louis Rams have some really obvious needs—needs they've had since before they ended up taking Michael Brockers with their first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft—and that's made their behavior in the average 2013 NFL Mock Draft a little more predictable than it might otherwise be. If Robert Woods is available wherever the mock draft writer has them finishing, they take a wide receiver to breathe down the necks of this year's picks, Brian Quick and Chris Givens; if he isn't available, they take whichever offensive tackle has leapt up the draft boards most recently.

This is all fine, and probably accurate, but the Rams do have other needs, as they demonstrated by taking Brockers in the first place. This is a team that won two games last season; they did it by underperforming in all the facets football has to offer. If Cortland Finnegan or Janoris Jenkins doesn't take, they could need a defensive back; if Isaiah Pead doesn't impress as an every-down back and Steven Jackson finally collapses, they could, unfortunately, draft a running back. All kinds of things could happen in the next year, though the thing I hope happens is that they just play really well and take a complementary player with, say, the 25th pick in next year's draft.

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