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NFL Draft Results: Michael Brockers Key To St. Louis Rams' 2012 Plan

The St. Louis Rams' NFL Draft results might not have left you with the impression you were looking at a team that believed itself to be rebuilding, and if the interview with Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead Turf Show Times dug up is any indication, they honestly didn't. Michael Brockers and company are apparently part of a draft strategy designed to get this young team winning, unit-by-unit, as soon as possible.

Which works for me, at least theoretically. Certainly the two units the Rams addressed most directly in the draft and the leadup thereto seem solid now; this team's young defensive line could go up against any in the NFL if Brockers can develop with Chris Long and last year's first-rounder, Robert Quinn, and the secondary, anchored by big free agent Cortland Finnegan and big draft risk Janoris Jenkins, could be a major improvement on last year's porous, injury-prone construction.

But can a team win, unit by unit, when its offense is still in doubt? That's the question Brian Schottenheimer and his two new wide receivers will have to answer next year, no matter what Brockers does.

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