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Saints Bounty Scandal Continues As Jonathan Vilma Files Lawsuit Against Roger Goodell, NFL

Anyone in the NFL who was hoping for the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal to quiet down after the St. Louis Rams exiled Gregg Williams and the league handed down suspensions to Saints braintrust and players can officially be disappointed: Jonathan Vilma has filed a lawsuit against Roger Goodell for defamation of character. Bountygate continues.

Vilma's been suspended for eight games for his role in the bounty scandal, and has been critical from the moment the suspension was handed down of what he believes to be Goodell and the NFL's failure to produce the evidence that's precipitated the Saints' suspensions.

Until that evidence comes out, I guess, Vilma and company have a point; if I were him I'd certainly want to know what it was they thought they had on me, and I'd want the public to know it to. And since the NFL appears set to comply with his requests, the Saints and their fanbase look like they'll get the reckoning they've been asking for.

Until then, the NFL's bad offseason continues.