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NFL Rumors: Will St. Louis Rams Stand Pat As Offseason Continues Past The Draft?

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Will the St. Louis Rams set the NFL rumor mill alight one more time?

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The St. Louis Rams-or at least the St. Louis Rams' fans-didn't get everything they wanted going into the 2012 NFL Draft, but the rumor mill has been surprisingly quiet ever since. I'd chalk it up to the paucity of players still available available in NFL free agency; Braylon Edwards isn't going to make or break the next great Rams team, and most offensive linemen aren't famous enough to generate a lot of gossip, even in the thick of the hot stove league.

None of that, of course, changes the fact that the Rams still have a lot of needs. So will they make a move, or is their offseason over?

At wide receiver, at least, they seem set. Danny Amendola and 2012 draftees Brian Quick and Chris Givens are the only sure things, but for their last three spots the Rams have a lot of options to churn through in training camp: Austin Pettis, Greg Salas, and Danario Alexander, among other 2011 contributors, are all going to be fighting for their NFL lives.

That might make for a boring few months, but at least St. Louis Rams fans desperate for NFL Rumors can take heart in the fact that nobody's rumor-mongering about them, say, descending further into worst-team-ever futility in 2012.