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NFL Draft Results Podcast: SB Nation St. Louis, SpreeGoogs Mock The (Seahawks') Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft results are in, the mock draft season is mostly behind us—all that's left to do while we wait for Michael Brockers and company to report to training camp is talk about the NFL Draft results. That's why I sat down with Adam Bonefeste and Frank Bouch of noted sports and 90s-TV-focused blog SpreeGoogs to talk through every pick in the 2012 draft's wild first round. Here's the first half of the fruits of our labor.

SB Nation St. Louis and SpreeGoogs Present: A 2012 NFL Draft Mockery Podcast

In addition to mocking Bruce Irvin we talk about the Rams' major draft picks, from Brockers to Janoris Jenkins, and wonder whether the Rams will be disappointed, down the line, about failing to select both Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd. Also there's a cameo from Zack Morris.

Here's more handpicked NFL Draft 2012 coverage from SB Nation St. Louis: