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NFL Draft Grades 2012: Janoris Jenkins Shows St. Louis Rams' Risky Side

Over at Rams Herd, a concise examination of the two picks most likely to influence the St. Louis Rams' 2012 NFL Draft grades: Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson, the two high-risk cornerbacks the Rams selected, making a symbolic break with Steve Spagnuolo's "Four Pillars" theory of team conduct in favor of lots of upside. If there's one thing NFL Draft grade writers like, it's upside—it has the chance to make them look brilliant in two years, and by then, if it hasn't made them look brilliant, nobody remembers.

Jenkins, at least, should pay off or cash out pretty soon. His problem isn't performance-related, and if Jeff Fisher and the Rams can keep him on the field they could have two top-of-the-line cornerbacks a year after sporting the worst secondary I've ever seen. Just that—even if Johnson, the other character-issues type, busts—would be enough for me to give this particular draft risk a high A.

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