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NFL Power Rankings: Rams Still With Lots Of Ground To Gain

In the lead up to the last season, the St. Louis Rams were the favorites in Las Vegas to win the NFC West. As we start looking forward to the 2012 season, the expectations surrounding Jeff Fisher's team are slightly more tempered. The Rams, many hope, will be better than they were last season, but they were still one of the absolute worst teams in the NFL, and that isn't overcome easily.

In his post-draft NFL power rankings, SB Nation's Joel Thorman ranks the Rams at No. 30, aka the third worst team in football, ahead of only the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cleveland Browns. Thorman notes that the Rams have a theoretically bright future between this year's draft and all of the picks they have stockpiled, but it likely won't translate into a significant amount of wins next season.

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