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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Little Faith Shown In St. Louis Rams' Rebuilding Project

We've talked a lot, already, about the St. Louis Rams' typical moves in this early 2013 NFL Mock Draft season—most of the time, lately, they seem to pick Robert Woods—but there's one thing we haven't discussed explicitly: mock draft types seem to hate the Rams' rebuilding project. Sorry, Jeff Fisher, Les Snead, and company: The Rams keep drafting at No. 3 or No. 4.

And most of the time, at least, it's probably not because these guys expect Robert Griffin III to collapse in his rookie season for the Washington Redskins.

The Rams have a lot of weak spots—Sam Bradford's coming off a year in which he made no gains, and their league-worst offense was joined by a defense that was just as terrible—but they have plenty of reasons for optimism, too. The problem, I guess, with mocking them higher is that they just have too many unproven elements we haven't yet had a chance to get excited about. Things should change when it comes time for the Rams to have their periodic unexpectedly strong preseason; maybe then we can talk about a Rams team that's at least in the second half of the Top 10...