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NFL Rumors: Where Does Steve Smith Fit In St. Louis Rams' WR Battle?

The St. Louis Rams have two rookie wide receivers, the return of Danny Amendola, and the remainder of 2011's foundering receiving corps to sort through, at OTAs and throughout the offseason, but one figure stands out for our sheer inability to figure out what he'll do in 2012, not to mention his visibility as the corp's only member worth writing NFL rumors notes about—Steve Smith. (That is, of course, the artist formerly known as Giants Steve Smith.)

Smith has an enormous year to his credit—his 2009 with said Giants, when he caught 107 balls for 1220 yards and seven touchdowns—and not much else but injury after injury. In a lot of ways he's like a cross between Amendola and potential Rams cast-off Danario Alexander, lacking Alexander's breakaway ability but sharing his breakable limbs. His history as a viable NFL option is enough to get him considered in this weak class, but it won't guarantee him a spot, especially with rookies Brian Quick and Chris Givens figuring to get a long look.

The Rams will likely have six places for wide receivers, and even with Amendola back two of those players could go from being considered for a release to starting in a hurry. It'll be interesting to see if it's Smith—because I have no idea whether it will be right now.

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