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Madden 13 Ratings Rumors: Rookie List High On David DeCastro, Down On Michael Brockers

There's a Madden 13 rookie ratings list floating around on the internet, and the rumors portend bad things for the virtual St. Louis Rams' No. 1 draft pick, Michael Brockers—rated 69 as a defensive tackle, according to this roundup on Turf Show Times. I was an NFL 2K guy back in my sports-gaming prime—I stick to platformers and JRPGs now—but I'm willing to get infuriated off the fumes from this fanpost, which is not happy with Dontari Poe's 75 rating by comparison. Brockers's rating is even lower than Ryan Tannehill, who will be lucky to start in 2012.


Brockers, with Chris Long and Robert Quinn, make for potentially one of the best young defensive lines in football, but if you buy these unconfirmed Madden 13 ratings it looks like you'll have to wait until next year for that potential to be reflected in your Madden season. Unless you just edit the ratings yourself, of course, or make your own Michael Brockers, a tradition I have honored in sports videogames going back to NBA Action 95 starring Marv Albert for the Sega Genesis.