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St. Louis Rams See Good Things From Sam Bradford, Brian Quick And Company So Far

Lots of things will have to go right for the St. Louis Rams to be good in 2012, but for them to be watchable in 2012 one piece of news is more important than the others—Sam Bradford needs to get into a rapport with second-round draft pick Brian Quick, and the sooner the better. If this long, funny article from Kathleen Nelson is any indication, early returns (and we do have an entire summer to go) are pretty good, so long as Quick remembers to take his headphones off early next time he has a flight to catch.

Having spent most of his time with receivers who were either known for nothing in particular or for their dynamism, incredible potential, and chronic knee injuries—sorry, Danario Alexander—Bradford seems excited about Quick's size and fluidity and fourth-round pick Chris Givens's speed. They're rookies, and neither was a first-rounder; it could be a while before they make this wide receiving corps bearable, if they ever do. But having tools to salivate about at all is a nice change of pace from where we were this time last year.

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