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Former Rams Employee Accuses Team Of Age Discrimination In Lawsuit

The St. Louis Rams fired equipment manager Todd Hewitt after 40 years of service back in January of 2011, and now Hewitt has alleged the team illegally fired him due to his age in a lawsuit filed in the Missouri Circuit Court in St. Louis County. In the complaint, Hewitt claims acts of age discrimination took place after Steve Spaguolo was hired in 2009:

"During the time that Mr. Spagnuolo was the head coach for the Rams, he made statements to Mr. Hewitt about his age, including in 2009, when he told him he was too old for his job."

"Mr. Spagnuolo also told Mr. Hewitt that his employment was 'NFL' which means 'Not For Long' employment."


The complaint also alleges that at least seven other Rams employees over the age of 40 were fired or forced into retirement, including Dan Linza, age 70 (Head of Security); John Oswald, 52 (VP of Operations); Jim Anderson, 54 (Trainer); Ray Ogas, 60 (Director of Player Relations); Pam Benoist, 68 (Skybox Coordinator) and Bill Stover, 64 (Team Photographer).

Hewitt was named NFL Equipment Manager of the Year in 1997. He is seeking actual damages (including past and future lost income) and punitive damages for violations of the Missouri Human Rights Act.

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