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NFL Draft Grades: Isaiah Pead Could Save St. Louis Rams' Next Draft, Too

Granted: I spent nearly all of the 2012 NFL Draft season begging the St. Louis Rams not to take Trent Richardson because I think all running backs are overrated. You my not, then, trust my NFL Draft grades, especially as they relate to Isaiah Pead, the running back the Rams eventually did take with the last of their second-round picks. But hey: Pead could save the Rams a pick when Steven Jackson finally slows down, and if he does that then the Rams' draft grade is a solid A from me, at least.

Here's how it could happen: Isaiah Pead needs to have a solid rookie season as Steven Jackson's change-up and Sam Bradford's safety valve. He needs to keep doing that as Steven Jackson declines. Then: The Rams need to not feel the need to spend a first-round draft pick on a running back who won't make nearly as many carries as Jeff Fisher or anyone else thinks he will, because they're satisfied with Pead's performance to date. Voila! Instant A+ from your local running back hater and NFL Draft grader.

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