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St. Louis Rams Rumors: Edward Jones Dome Upgrades Crucial To Avoiding Los Angeles Fate

The St. Louis Rams' next step in combating longstanding NFL rumors that they'll be the team to move to Los Angeles began this week, with the team submitting a counterproposal to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission's original plan, which was offered and rejected back in February. The CVC will review the plan and pass the Edward Jones Dome renovation football back to the Rams after that, continuing a process that could end in arbitration.

I've been on the record this way for a while, but let me do it again: If the Rams expect the city to pay out the nose for renovations on a stadium already financed with public money under the longstanding crock that sports stadiums are anything but enormous boondoggles for the cities that finance them, St. Louis should say thanks but no thanks and enjoy Los Angeles. Maybe a basketball team somewhere needs a home.

I like the Rams a lot, and I'd miss the Greatest Show on Turf when it was gone, but Stan Kroenke already looks a little like an action movie villain; there's no need to actually allow him to hold the city of St. Louis hostage.