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NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams' Janoris Jenkins Among Best Draft Deals

It'll be a solid year until we actually have, you know, a professional football season to go off, but already the 2012 NFL Draft grades are out in force. It shouldn't be too surprising—if you're into the draft, you have, I think, a natural tendency toward this sort of categorizing and recategorizing already. In any case, good news for St. Louis Rams fans—Janoris Jenkins is among the top NFL Draft deals, according to the national SB Nation. So, alas, is David DeCastro, who I was hoping the Rams would take in the first round...

Okay okay—I'm back. Jenkins is the classic high-risk high-reward player, a Top 10 talent who couldn't stay clean enough in college to avoid becoming a middle-of-the-second-round talent. The question, of course, is: If he couldn't keep himself "respectable" in college, who's to say he'll do it in the NFL?

The answer: Nobody, but it was probably worth a shot, since the Rams had three picks in the second round anyway. If he can improve as much as I did between 23 and 25, he might go from scuffling in college to living on his own in a ratty apartment, writing for a sports blog!

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