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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Robert Woods Will Obsess St. Louis Rams Fans Next April

The St. Louis Rams and their fanbase have, for the last two drafts, been beguiled by top wide receiver prospects—Julio Jones in 2011 and Justin Blackmon in 2012. Neither one ended up a Ram, so it's no surprise that in early 2013 NFL Mock Draft speculation, USC's Robert Woods has become a popular target. A junior next season, Woods has already put up enormous numbers (with the help of their star quarterback, presumptive No. 1 Matt Barkley.) So: Will the Rams select Robert Woods if they're in a position to do it in 2013?

If that wasn't a rhetorical question—well, it depends. The Rams' last two draft classes have left them with two wide receivers, and their first shot at it, 2011's Austin Pettis and Greg Salas, was a qualified failure. They didn't produce enough to keep the Rams from drafting Brian Quick and Chris Givens even higher in 2012. If Quick and Givens produce, the Rams aren't likely to take a wide receiver when they're more likely to need an offensive tackle.

If one or both of them fails, though, and—perhaps more importantly—Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold finally stop disappointing, the Rams could be in the market for the draft's top wide receiver for a third consecutive year. Poor Sam Bradford.

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