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NFL Draft Grades: Brian Quick "More Athletic" Than Justin Blackmon, Better At Football Than Albert Pujols

Obviously I'm being a little hyperbolic in excerpting Greg Cosell's positive review of St. Louis Rams second-rounder Brian QuickJustin Blackmon was dinged for his athleticism in the first place, but dinging him did, in Quick's defense, just mean he was briefly considered a Top 15 pick instead of a Top 5 pick. But it's not something I'd base a set of NFL Draft grades on, no matter how arbitrary.

Cosell goes on to tout Quick's overall set of "raw" skills, which is certainly more enticing. This is the kind of thing it's easier to handicap in the MLB Draft, when the difference between drafting raw, highly skilled players and polished college types is in the team's ability to develop those tools goofs into actual baseball players. The NFL Draft is much more compressed, and if the Rams can't find a place for Quick to contribute early they'll have a hard time avoiding the questions that followed Mardy Gilyard around after his invisible rookie season.

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