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Vikings Stadium Plan Gets Close; St. Louis Rams Watch Closely

The Minnesota Vikings' stadium plan got a little closer to fruition Tuesday, when the Minnesota House passed a vote in favor of building the Vikings a new stadium over the poor, sunken roof of the Metrodome. I hope they call this one the Hubert H. Humphrey Enormous Taxpayer Boondoggle! All this new drama comes as the St. Louis Rams and the CVC's own stadium hijinks continue. The latest news: The Rams' counter-proposal will be made public in the next week or so, giving Rams fans a chance to decide whether the team is being forthright in its attempts to stay away from Los Angeles.


The Vikings' latest dalliance with their home state leaves one less competitor for the Los Angeles Football Team Sweepstakes, but this is really going to come down to what, exactly, the Rams' idea of a reasonable counter-proposal is. By next week we could have a fairly good idea of just how serious the Rams are about staying in St. Louis—which means that by next year we could be locked in a legislative stadium quagmire like the one the Vikings and their fans just got out of. (It's less exciting now that I put it that way.)