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Chad Ochocinco, Miami Dolphins Agree To Contract

The Miami Dolphins have extended the Chad Ochocinco Show for another season on basic cable, bringing back the aging wide receiver for a comeback spin after a season with the New England Patriots in which he was nearly invisible. The Dolphins, who have very little depth at the wide receiver position after trading Brandon Marshall, will definitely be able to use Ochocinco if he's able to perform; their top returning receiver is either Brian Hartline, who caught 35 balls for 549 yards, or Davone Bess, who caught 51 balls for 537.

It's a perfect situation for Ochocinco, who could put himself back on the map if he's able to do big things with a new offense that has no established No. 1 option. Heck, they don't even have a No. 1 quarterback—2012 NFL Draft pick Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, and David Garrard could all be throwing to Ochocinco by the time the preseason rolls around.

The Patriots deal was a fascinating failure; if Ochocinco can't break through on this Dolphins squad, he might just be done.